Who I’ve Been Watching

Who I’ve Been Watching: Beautezine


Hey guys! I know it’s been a looong time since I’ve posted, and I’m so sorry. Y’all know how life gets in the way. Anyway, I’m back, and to kick things off is another one of my Who I’ve Been Watching posts! I haven’t done one of these in forever, so I’m glad to do it again! This time, I’ve been watching Beautezine, the companion Youtube channel to Jessica Desjardins’ successful beauty blog of the same name. While her Youtube channel isn’t as action-packed as her amazing blog, Jessica still puts out useful, quality content that appeals to her viewers. While there’s only a handful of videos, her posts are often short and straight to the point, with no dead air or excessive chatting about herself. She also has a natural, friendly disposition–it feels as if a close friend is sharing her feelings about a product with you.

Who might like her: fans of her blog (naturally!), those on a budget, those interested in shorter videos, those who want simple, straight to the point, informative videos about affordable products.


Who I’ve Been Watching: MakinguptheMW

Image via Pintrest

Next up in my Who I’ve Been Watching series is Bailey from Makingupthemw (Youtube name: TheHazeleyehoney). I noticed right away that Bailey was different from other Youtubers: her channel is oriented towards affordable products (with a few high-end ones mixed in), and almost no MAC products. I know many viewers feel disconnected to Youtubers that use a lot of MAC (since it is a bit pricey). So if that’s a concern for you, Bailey will deliver! 
There’s a lot of diversity on this channel: there’s in-depth product reviews, swatches, and demos (tutorials), but there’s also “speedtorials” (quick tutorials with music playing), 60-second product reviews, 3-in-1 tutorials (different looks using 1 palette), Top 5 in Under 5 videos (favorite products in 5 minutes or less),  unboxings, empties, and occasional hauls. There’s a little bit of everything here! She also experiments with her looks, doing a mix of natural and bolder tutorials. And Bailey knows her stuff: she was nominated for Allure’s Beauty Blogger of the Year!
Who might like her: Those on a budget, those who like short videos, those interested in product reviews/swatches, those looking for different looks with their palettes, those who travel a lot (Bailey does too and knows if a product can survive a trip), makeup lovers in general.

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Who I’ve Been Watching: Anniejaffrey

Image via anniejaffrey.com

Anniejaffrey is one of the most interesting beauty gurus I’ve watched on Youtube so far. Apart from the expected tutorials and clothing hauls, Annie also includes multiple well-made and detailed health and life-wellness videos on her channel. It’s her passion for total well-being–not just outer beauty–that sets her channel apart. Annie is very personable and inspiring on her channel, speaking openly about her weight loss, healthy lifestyle, and diverse heritage (she is part Caucasian, part Pakistani, was born in Sweden, attended high school in Switzerland, and has lived in both New York and London in the duration of her channel). 
Formerly Anniesbeautylife, Annie’s channel is calm and inspiring to watch. Her tutorials are concise and well-edited, although they lean on the natural side and aren’t too wild. Despite that, the videos are helpful and would be great for beginners (for example, those looking to learn how to do a smoky eye). There’s also a few hair tutorials mixed into the channel as well. Only a handful of vlogs and tags keep the clutter out of her channel. She speaks in a way that makes you feel like she’s your best friend, providing helpful, useful advice.
Who might like her: Makeup newbies, those interested in nutrition, fans of clothing hauls, those looking for some extra motivation.

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Who I’ve Been Watching: Amarixe

Image via amarixe.com

This month, I’ve been tuning into Amarixe’s videos on Youtube. And I have to say, I’ve enjoyed watching her videos very much! The beauty guru, who’s real name is Allison, is so sweet and down to Earth, that when she speaks, she feels as if she could be your best friend. The 23 year old college grad lives in Los Angeles, where she does most of her filming. There’s a good mix of content and filming styles on her channel. Often, she posts empties, monthly favorites, and the occasional haul or tutorial. Sometimes, she films outdoors, other times, she’s in her bedroom, living room, or near her kitchen. She’s experimented with voiceovers and music in her videos, but generally, she talks directly to the camera. She’s done a few clothing/accessory/candle hauls, but they’re sparse or mixed in with makeup items, so her channel doesn’t feel bogged down by irrelevant topics. Giveaways aren’t uncommon on her channel, either.
Allison’s tutorials are really impressive. I found there’s balance in the type of tutorials she shows: there’s a decent mix of neutral looks and brighter or smokier styles. Those looking to find ways to experiment with their Urban Decay Naked Palette could find something new here. But she’s not a snob when it comes to cosmetics quality-she’s used Maybelline, Cover Girl, and Revlon just as much as she features NARS and MAC. So I truly believe any viewer, with any intent-a woman looking for something simple to wear on a first date to a high school student looking for a fun party look-could find what they need on Allison’s channel.
Who might like her: All ages, all budgets, fans of hauls/empties/monthly favorites, those needing inspiration with their Naked palette(s).

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Who I’ve Been Watching: Allthatglitters21

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**I’m in no way affiliated with the Youtubers that I’ll be posting on. I’m not sponsoring them, etc. This series is purely from a fan perspective, honestly depicting who I’ve been watching at what I enjoy about her/him.

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone watches Youtube nowadays. A very fun part of being a makeup lover on the internet is that you get to share that interest with others who have it as well. Beauty Gurus on Youtube have combined both the entertainment site and their cosmetic interests into something that both the guru and the subscriber can enjoy.
One of the most popular gurus is without a doubt, Elle Fowler, who produces content under the username Allthatglitters21. The U.S. native began making videos while in college in 2008, and at present, has over 1.1 million subscribers. Elle’s videos are girly and feminine, often filmed in a cutely styled bedroom with a candle burning or her cat playing in the background. However, she doesn’t limit herself to just tutorials. She uses her editing skills to create very nice quality fashion and organization videos, as well as hauls, collections (perfume, jewelry, etc), and house tours. She showcases cosmetics and clothing from a variety of price points, so budget-wise, there’s something for everyone who wants to try something she recommends. Much more often than not, Elle is speaking in her videos. She has a nice, friendly voice, yet those who prefer silence/soft music playing with the tutorial instructions on-screen may want to look elsewhere.
Who might like her: Girly girls, students, those interested in interior design/fashion.
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