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Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Review + Photos


Effectiveness: Perversion promises to be “lengthening and volumizing.” This description is accurate enough. I found this mascara to be more lengthening than volumizing, but I did notice both results.The results weren’t amazing, but not disappointing, either. (4/5)

Wear: I achieved perfect wear using this mascara. It lasted a full 8 hours looking good as new. It held a curl for the duration of the testing period and the lashes stayed a rich, dark black. (5/5)

Formula: Urban Decay describes Perversion mascara as “ultracreamy,” and I have to agree. This mascara feels really wet. This can lead to some clumps if you rush application. However, the mascara dries down and does not budge (I accidentally rubbed my eye and there wasn’t the tiniest flake or smudge). (4.5/5)

Packaging: The tube is sleek, shiny plastic with stylish lilac lettering. The wand is chubby with bristles that are varied in size. I didn’t find it cumbersome to use, although as with all thicker brushes, it can take some care to get into the tiny baby hairs in the inner corners. (5/5)

Price: I received this as a 100-point perk from Sephora, but the full size is $22 USD for 0.4 oz of product. You can also purchase a travel size for $12 USD. For the full size, it comes out to $55 an ounce, which isn’t terrible. (For comparison, Benefit’s They’re Real! is $2 more expensive and contains 0.1 oz less product).

As always, I weigh in on whether or not I believe a product is worth the price. Perversion delivers on rich color, ease of use, staying power, and doing what it says it will, even if it’s not the most innovative or amazing in the industry. It’s a reliable mascara without any bells and whistles, so I believe it warrants it’s price tag. (5/5)

Wow Factor: I wasn’t blown away by Perversion. I have less expensive mascaras that give better length and volume. However, I wasn’t let down by the product, because it shines in it’s staying power, ability to hold a curl, lack of smudging, and dark, rich color. (3.5/5)

Overall: I enjoy this mascara, but I often find myself reaching for other mascaras. It’s nice and gets the job done well enough, but it didn’t make enough of an impression in length or volume to really stand out to me. (4.5) A-


Useful Information:
-I received this product as a 100-point perk from Sephora.
-Urban Decay is cruelty free, but its parent company, L’Oreal, is not.



Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette Review + Swatches


Urban Decay’s Pulp Fiction Collection was a pretty big deal, as far as I was concerned. I love the movie, and thought the collection was a great way to honor the film’s 20th anniversary. The Pulp Fiction Palette was sort of the gem of the collection, featuring five shadows designed to recreate Mia Wallace’s signature eye look (there’s even a card included giving a brief tutorial).

The five shades in this palette are Righteous (soft pinkish white matte), Tyranny (warm deep tan matte), Vengeance (warm coffee brown semi-matte), Furious (pitch dark inky black matte) and Anger (stark chalk white matte). Many have lamented that this palette is too basic, and it’s true, you’re not gonna find any groundbreaking shades here. Also, the faint sheen in Vengeance gets lost in the eye, making this a basic, all matte palette. (3.5/5)


This wasn’t the best effort UD has ever put out in terms of wear time. Furious looked faded with primer after 4 hours, and I had fallout from Anger by that time as well. At 6 hours, Furious had migrated some onto the lower lash line. Righteous, Tyranny, and Vengeance gave me no problems for a full 8 hours. (4/5)

All five shades apply smoothly, go on opaque, and blend easily, which is great for all-matte textures. However, there were some drawbacks. The sheen on Vengeance gets lost, and has an excessive amount of powder kickup. Furious has the fussiest wear out of all five. Anger disappointed me with fallout. (4/5)

I loved the packaging for this palette. In came in a themed box with the aforementioned tutorial card tucked inside. The palette proper also is decorated to go along with the Pulp Fiction theme, featuring Samuel L. Jackson’s character’s famous quote emblazoned on the front. I also loved that the inside of the box is red. I would’ve liked if the inside of the palette was red too, the black and white camo is a bit tacky. I also don’t like how Furious and Anger are split in half and share a pan. Since these shadows can kick up a bit of powder, those two are easy to cross-contaminate. The palette also holds fingerprints like crazy and the magnetic closure is weak. However, it’s compact enough to store easily and dexterous enough to survive travel (although perhaps not without some dinged corners). (4/5)

IMG_0238     IMG_0240

This palette was originally $34, but has since been reduced to $16 USD. This portions out to about $6.80 per shadow at the full price, which we can all universally agree is by no means costly. The quality is not atrocious, either. If you’re just starting out with makeup or are venturing into neutrals for the first time, this would be a great, cost-effective place to start. (4/5)

Wow Factor:
I did love the Mia Wallace look this palette creates. I also like how there’s enough options to have either a day look or a night look going on. However it’s a really straightforward palette, most people own shadows like this, and they were all essentially one finish. The wear wasn’t perfect with all of them, either. (3.5/5)

It’s a nice starter palette, and a good collector’s item for fans of the film. But it’s not a must-have, and I’m sure there’s many ways to get the same look with other, less expensive, better performing shadows. (3.8) C+


-Now that this is on clearance, it’s only available at urbandecay.com

Useful Information:
-This product was purchased by me.
-UD is cruelty-free, their parent company, L’Oreal, is not.

IMG_0241     IMG_0242

September ’14 Haul/First Impressions PART ONE: Sephora

*Forgive me for the webcam photos. I’m saving up for a DSLR, better pics to come!*

I was so, so excited to get these packages in the mail, because I had picked up some things that I had been wanting for a long time. I’ve ordered from Sephora’s site before, but have only previously shopped in-store at Bath and Body Works (and never purchased the kinds of items I did this time around). So, let’s start with Sephora!

The first thing I noticed is that this package was well-insulated, as usual. I appreciate Sephora taking care to make sure the items don’t arrived damaged. The first “products” I saw in the box were my bonus samples, plus an ad card for the store’s Beauty Studio Services.


The first sample was for Make Up For Ever’s new Artist Shadow. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but I was a bit surprised when I opened up the sample and saw what looked like press-on shadow stickers. However, when I pulled back the protective plastic, I was able to fully swatch the pigment, and was pleasantly surprised by the color payoff (although, I don’t expect less from MUFE). The color samples I received were a shimmery yellow white (I can see this being a beautiful highlight), a standard matte camel (this had the least payoff and is easiest to dupe), and a shimmery warm burgundy (pretty, pigmented, but done before). All three had a soft, smooth feel, and based off the swatch, I’ll definitely be trying these out (I actually almost purchased one in this haul, but decided against it).

The next sample is Philosophy Miracle Worker. This is an “anti-aging moisturizer and salicyclic acid acne treatment.” I’ve been dying to try Philosophy for a long time, but the sample given is very small, so I don’t know how well I’ll be able to get a feel for this product (and I hardly ever use these kinds of samples anyway, although that may change!).

The last sample is Benefit The Porefessional Agent Zero Shine. This is a “mattifying, pore-perfecting” powder. The sample even included a little brush, which was nice, although the full-size or one of your own brushes would probably get more use.

I also picked up Phyto Moisturizing Styling Cream with a promo code, but since I don’t style my hair often, I don’t know how much use this’ll get. It is a hearty sized sample, though, and in functional packaging.

Next are the actual items I bought. The first things I saw in the box were my items from Urban Decay’s Pulp Fiction Collection. I was so looking forward to these! The first thing I noticed was that the palette felt nice and heavy; given the cardboard packaging, I assumed it would feel cheaper. I like that it came encased in a cardboard package of it’s own, detailed with information about the palette and it’s on-screen inspiration. Ingredients and such information are included on the sides of this outer packaging. When I opened it up, the inside of the box was red! I thought that was a chic, nice detail. It also contains a tutorial card for Mia Wallace’s look.

 It opens/closes magnetically, which is secure yet easy to use. The mirror and little brush came sealed in plastic.Once you peel off that plastic, the mirror is surprisingly large and clear, making the compact pretty functional. The brushes are soft and have a metal handle, which is better than I expected, and the bristles are the right size for the pans, so I think they could work on the go, although most (myself included) will likely favor a full-size brush for application. I don’t like how the brand split Furious and Anger, since it’s less shadow and no barrier preventing powder kickup from mixing. All five shades felt soft and smooth, with excellent pigment, although it’s obvious that this is not the most unique palette under the sun. Having said that, I think it’ll appeal to collectors and makeup enthusiasts alike, because the homage to the film and quality are both there.

I had been eyeing the brand’s Revolution lipsticks since their launch, and was so happy when they released one with the PF collection. Upon opening the package, I was pleasantly surprised to see the same red interior, as well as Samuel L. Jackson’s famous quote printed inside. The tube is a sleek, shiny black that’s surprisingly resistant to fingerprints. This has stellar, phenomenal out-of-this-world pigment, the kind that really needs a lip brush to get precisely perfect. Its bold, rich and shiny. Love! It felt less creamy than I expected, but it’s by no means dry, and you really only need a little to get intense payoff.

The next item I grabbed was the BareMinerals Ready quad in The A-List. Immediately I was shocked by how small it was–websites always made it seem much larger! Like the UD palette, this came cased in cardboard, with the shade names and ingredients printed on the back, and also came with a little pamphlet suggesting a look. Thank god for the rubberized packaging on the palette proper–it was cased snugly in the cardboard exterior, and flew out of my hands onto the floor as I tried to get it out. Luckily, nothing broke. The mirror on this compact is also very large and great for functional use. I like that the shadows came with a little plastic protector; I always appreciate touches like that. This palette ranged in smoothness and finish, but all of them had great pigment, even the soft pink shades, which seemed like they could’ve been fussier.

Next, a trio of Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks! I’ve been lusting after every single one since their debut (sadly, I couldn’t pick up Poe, a stunning navy blue). The packaging on these is total Kat Von D–it perfectly fits her image. These have a nice burgundy interior on the packaging. and the studded shape of the tube feels so badass. These come with a delectable vanilla scent (think MAC). The shades I picked up are Wolvesmouth (metallic berry), Wonderchilde (iridescent neon lilac), and Backstage Bambi (matte vivid hot pink). They all went on the lips easily, although some more than others.

Next, two products I’ve been wanting for as long as I’ve been into makeup: a NARS blush and eyeshadow duo. First, the blush. I decided on Angelika. This shade has silver glitter in it, but I was still a little surpised to see glitter sprinkled on the outside of the compact (wiped off easily though). Upon opening, I noticed the powder is pleasantly scented. This felt a bit drier to the touch than I expected, though I reckon that’s because of the glitter element (which many say gets lost when applied to the cheek anyway). The pigment was lovely and subtle. Can’t wait to wear this on the face!

Now for the duo. I picked up Kauai, which came out with their Spring collection. The pigment in these shades is rich and intense, and each felt so soft. Plus, the purple and gold together will look absolutely beautiful together on the eye. Another product I can’t wait to try out!

Moving on, OCC Lip Tars is a product I’ve tried before and loved, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on another one. This time, it was the fantastically dark berry shade, Black Dahlia. I’ve never tried dark lipstick before and knew I had to start here. As usual, this one came with a handy brush and a very lovely mint scent. And the pigment, ease of use, and texture where all what I expected–that is, great.

Another brand I’ve loved before is Butter London. I’ve been on the hunt for a fab girly pink polish for a while now, and finally took the plunge with Teddy Girl. Because of work, I don’t get to wear polish as often as I used to, but I can’t wait to swipe this on this weekend. It’s too pretty to resist.

Make Up For Ever is a brand I’ve always loved from afar (having only tried one of their products, an Aqua Cream). As I mentioned, I considered trying one of their new shadows, but considering all the other shadows I bought, I decided against it. But as I was checking out, they suggested I pick up their mascara, Smoky Extravagant. After hearing Elle Fowler rave about the regular Smoky Lash, I knew I had to give it a try. Always fond of a new mascara, I can’t wait to put this baby to great use.

Obviously, I picked up a lot of products I’m eager to try out. But this payed off for me in a major way when I realized I had enough points to cash in for rewards with Sephora’s Beauty Insider program. I settled on three 100-point items.

First, Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I’ve been wanting to try both an item from Smashbox and a foundation base, so I knew this was one thing I couldn’t pass up.

Next, Lancome Definicils Mascara. I already l-l-love Hypnose, and expect Definicils to be just as lovely.

And lastly, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer in Medium/Deep. Too Faced is another one of those brands I’ve heard loads about and have been fawning over, especially when it comes to this product. It has that great cocoa scent it’s famous for. At first, I thought Medium/Deep might be too dark for me, but upon actually seeing it, I’m not too worried.

I had a great time picking up these items and finally being able to explore new brands and products. Some of these have been on my wishlist for years, so I’m thrilled to finally be able to own them and continue writing reviews and my experiences with different items. See anything you like that I bought? Want to recommend me something? Let me know!

And stay tuned for part 2–Bath and Body Works! medianet_width=’600′; medianet_height= ‘250’; medianet_crid=’228266391′;

2014 Teen Choice Awards Roundup: Nina Dobrev Makeup + Fashion

Image via Beautyeditor

Nina Dobrev is one of my favorite actresses, and she looked gorgeous in a colorful look at Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards. She looked gorgeous as a presenter and winner (of  Choice Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fi for her work on The Vampire Diaries). Her makeup artist, Beau Nelson, didn’t want her makeup look to distract from her vibrant outfit, so he left her looking fresh with a hint of smokiness. To top it off, a lot of the products are from affordable, well-loved retailer NYX. Here are the details on the products:
  • I couldn’t discover the exact brand, but Beau used a stick foundation (Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation Stick, $44 USD, comes in 24 shades), to contour her cheekbones, jaw, and nose.
  • Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($62 USD, Nordstrom), 2 shades lighter than Nina’s complexion.
  • Again, no word on specifics, but he set the center of her face with powder (Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, $45 USD, is popular).
  • NYX Matte Bronzer ($8.99 USD, Ulta)
  • NYX Gel Eyeliner and Smudger in Betty, Charlotte, and Scarlette ($8.99 USD each, Ulta)
  • NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker in Carbon Black ($9.49 USD, Ulta)
  • One more time, I couldn’t find the exact match, but he also used a neutral matte brown shadow to finish up the eyes (Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, $29 USD, has several options).
  • NYX Doll Eye Volume Mascara ($9.49 USD, Ulta)
  • NYX Butter Lipstick in Bit of Honey ($5.99 USD, Ulta)
Total Face Cost: $122.93 (at least)
For fashion, Nina chose to skip the conventional dress and instead wore a stylish, graphic top with matching high-waisted shorts by Vionnet. She kept her carry on simple by sticking with a chic Michael Kors clutch. Her pink Kurt Geiger heels perfectly accented the color in her ensemble, and she tied it all together with David Yurman jewelry.

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Urban Decay’s Pulp Fiction Collection Launches Today!

Image via Beautydea
In honor of the 20th anniversary of Quentin Tarantino’s hit movie Pulp Fiction, Urban Decay is releasing a fab looking collection! The five piece collection is designed to give wearers the look of the film’s edgy, intriguing leading lady, Mia Wallace (excellently played by Uma Thurman). From left to right in the photo above we have:
  • Revolution Lipstick in Mrs. Mia Wallace
  • 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Mrs. Mia Wallace
  • Pulp Fiction Palette
  • Nail Color in Mrs. Mia Wallace
  • Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Gunmetal
Honestly, I’d be willing to try everything in this collection! But I’ve scoured other blogs, like Temptalia and Phyrra, and the consensus seems to be that the collection is well done quality wise, and the look is true enough to the film. However, it’s not the most unique collection under the sun and most of the products are dupeable. 
Urban Decay is a semi cruelty free brand (their parent company tests on animals). This limited edition collection is available now at urbandecay.com, and will soon be available at Ulta, Sephora, and Macy’s, as well as online on Beauty.com.

 What do you think beauties? Will you be picking up anything from this collection? Hunting for less expensive lookalikes? Or is this kind of look just not your thing altogether? Let me know! 

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FotD:Job Interview Makeup

*Photos coming soon!*

Yesterday, I had a job interview at a majorly cool restaurant in my city. I love the young, cool energy of the place, so I wanted to look fresh and natural. I relied on a lot of my favorite products to help give me a professional look (and most of them are from the drugstore).
While I love makeup, hair is something I’m less apt at. Since I applied for a position in the kitchen, I decided to pull my hair back into a simple, sleek top knot. I’m so nervous and excited for this job, so putting in effort to my appearance gave me an extra boost of confidence and one less thing to worry about during the interview.
What are your favorite safe for work products?

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Gorgeous Green Eye Products

I picked up an Almay eyeshadow because the lovely green shade in the pan was irresistible. However, I was disappointed. So I thought I’d put together a list of the greens in my collection that I love and work well. Greens look great on those with green and hazel eyes, and they flatter a range of skin tones. I think I reflect that here in the diversity of gorgeous greens (at different price points, too!).

For the reader’s conveniance, I listed the products in ascending price. And of course, info on the product and links to reviews and where to purchase (non affiliate links) will be provided.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Brow and Eye Pencil in Olive:

Image via Drugstore

Like the name suggests, this liner is an olive green that leans a little khaki. It’s pigmented, despite it’s low cost, and would make a fun, but day-appropriate alternative to black or brown liner. I bought mine for 99 cents from Walgreen’s.
Image via Beautylish

This fantastic little trio has two great greens (even though the browbone shade looks white in the photo above, its actually a soft green). The quality in all three shades as stellar, and wore well (6 hours without primer, 9 with). Bonus, the eyelid shade is a great dupe for MAC Humid and Urban Decay Bender. I  got mine from Walgreen’s for $2.99.
Image via Drugstore

This palette has gotten a lot of love from beauty bloggers everywhere. While I truthfully don’t reach for mine very much, the lovely green eyelid shade in the right column deserves a mention. It’s so soft and pigmented and has a warmer tone, making it more universally flattering. This was $4.99 from the Drugstore.
Image via Ebay

I absolutely adore this eyeshadow. It was my first purchase from MAC and I’ve never regretted it. The quality, texture, and staying power are all supreme. The pigment is rich, hunter green. I can definitely see this working as a bold alternative to a black smoky eye! I got mine at the MAC counter at a local department store for $15.
This is my own photo.

Kush is the kind of beautiful green I just can’t help but be drawn to. It looks just as lovely in the pan as it does on the lid. It’s a great bright green, and UD shadows are cruelty free and vegan. I got mine in a palette from Ulta, but you can get it on it’s own for $18.
This is my own photo.

Loaded is such a fantastic shadow. It’s a complex shade, mostly blackened deep green with shimmer. It looks absolutely amazing for a nighttime eye. I got this in the same palette as Kush, but it’s still available as a single shadow from Ulta for $18.
Image via Sephora

I’ve raved about this liner nonstop. I love it so much, it’s a gorgeous jade green with a bluish tilt and gold glitter. It’s just so beautiful, I can’t shut up about it. The glitter is noticeable, even on the waterline, but it’s not so big that it irritates the eye. It’s smooth and creamy and long-wearing, just what I expect from UD’s liners. I got mine in a travel size set from Ulta, but you can pick up the full size for $20.
Have you tried any of these green products? I would love to hear your favorite way to wear green on the eyes! Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below, or send me a tweet!

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Top 5: Urban Decay Eyeshadows

Between two palettes and a single, I’ve tried tons of UD shadows. Admittedly, my palettes are Book of Shadows, opposed to the Naked series which everyone seems to love. I’ve been less than thrilled my experiences with the brand’s shadow, but there are some real winners that I’ve tried. Here are my top 5 favorite Urban Decay shadows:

Image via Sephora

1) Maui Wowie: I’ve said it so many times, but I will almost always pick bold, bright colors over neutral shades (almost). But Maui Wowie totally changed my opinion–it’s a beautiful gold shade that plays up my hazel eyes well. But no matter your eye color, MW is still one of my top choices. It’s a champagne more than a 24K gold, goes on opaquely and with good pigmentation and texture, and wore all day (8 hours) without fallout. I like it best as an inner corner highlight.
Image via Sephora

2) Rockstar: I’ve sung the praises of this gorgeous smoky brown-purple on the blog many times. It’s a gorgeous color that’s pretty pigmented but can be built up. It feels soft and smooth, and applies without fallout, but there is some fading over the wear time.
Image via Sephora

3) Last Call: This is a gorgeous plummy pink. Like most great UD shadows, it feels soft and smooth and applies without fallout, but there is some fading towards the end of the day. Pinks can look a bit harsh on the lid (I feared this one would be evocative of a black eye), but its actually so lovely and vibrant.
Image via Sephora

4) Smog: Another neutral that really surprised me. Smog is a gorgeous sepia bronze with shimmer. This shadow is a bit stiffer than others, but by no means dry. It applied without fallout, too. It had incredible wear–12 hours, with slight fading around just the edges at the 4 hour mark. 
Image via Amazon

5) Mary Jane: This shadow is a beautiful silvery sky blue with a frost finish. It’s pigment rich with high texture and blends well. It looks lovely on, but has a bit of wear and tear throughout the day (migrating and fading). There was no fallout and has a smooth feel, but as lovely as this shadow is, it’s no longer available for purchase. 
So there you have it, the top 5 UD shadows from my experience. Have you tried any of these? Which of UD’s shadows are your favorite? Which would you recommend? Let me know!

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Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Mary Jane (DISCONTINUED)

Image via Amazon

**Unfortunately, my camera is broken! Since money is tight right now, I don’t know when I’ll be able to get a new one. Personal images/swatches will be up ASAP, but that could take a while. I’m so sorry for and disappointed by this inconvenience. Thank you beauties for being patient with me in the meantime.

Blue eyeshadow is a double edged sword for me, because on the one hand, I tend to find the shades so beautiful in the pan, but on the other hand, they can be difficult for me to wear. Urban Decay’s Mary Jane strikes a great balance.
 It’s a pigmented frosty sky blue. The shadow goes on 90% opaque over bare lids, and flawlessly opaque with primer (a base brings out the frost finish as well). This shade is so lovely, and plays well with warm toned shades as well as similar hues. (5/5)

The wear was great but not excellent. If you never go without primer, then this shadow will have you covered for over 8 hours with a flawless, freshly-applied look. However, if you’re in a rush and need to slap on some color, this will show some wear and tear: after 5 hours, the color migrated around the tear duct, looked a bit faded after 6 hours and was noticeably faded by 8. (4/5)


This shadow was part of Urban Decay’s old formula, which I actually prefer. It feels so smooth and soft. Even a swatch gives full pigmentation with a high textured finish. There was some powder kickup with the brush, but the shadow was not powdery to apply. There was no fallout, and it blended like a dream without sheering out. This shadow could also be used wet for extra oomph. (5/5)


I don’t have any experience with UD’s new pans, but I quite liked the old version. It was a sturdy plastic that didn’t feel too heavy (or cheap) with a flip-top lid, a clear window to see the shade within, and the color name stamped on the bottom. The shadows are small enough to store easily and feel secure enough to not take any damage during travelling. (5/5)


This shadow contains 0.05 oz of product, which is on par with other brands. It was $18 USD when I bought it (making it $360 an ounce, $60 more per ounce than MAC). For the beauty junkie, this is a pretty reasonable cost, especially given the quality (which is top notch). However, Mary Jane is discontinued, which means if you’re desperate to get your hands on it, reliable sellers on sites like Amazon and Ebay know they can jack up the price (I saw this shadow going  for 99 British pounds!). Be very careful of resellers who are out to make a large profit off of a shade’s rarity. But the score reflects the shade’s intended sticker price, in relation to my perceived value/quality of the product. (5/5)

Wow Factor:
Sky blues aren’t uncommon at any price point. But Mary Jane is special with it’s opacity, pigmentation, and high texture. I think that’s what sets it apart and really makes it worth a second look. When foiled, it can be so dramatic, which I love. When dry, it looks soft enough for a bold day look (if that makes sense!) It works all over the lid or as a pop of color on the lash line. It looks great with a ton of other colors as well. (4.5/5)


This was one of UD’s better shadows and I’d totally recommend it to anyone who happens to have it buried away in their stash somewhere. It’s pigmented, opaque, versatile, flattering, and such good quality. I’ll never understand why UD cut it from their lineup! (4.75) A

Useful Information:
-This shadow is no longer available at official retailers.
-This shade was purchased by me.
-Urban Decay uses cruelty-free/vegan practices, but their parent company, L’Oreal, does not.

Check out Sephora to browse UD’s current eyeshadow shade range! medianet_width=’600′; medianet_height= ‘250’; medianet_crid=’228266391′;

MAC Eyeshadow in Star Violet Review + Swatches + Dupes

This is my own photo.

MAC Eyeshadows are easily my favorite on the market. Star Violet was the first one I picked up, but it wasn’t quite love at first swatch. I spent hours (yes) at the MAC counter looking for a bold, unique shade (not a “natural, nude makeup look” kind of girl), and finally settled on this baby after seeing it’s burgundy flash gold. Buuuuut, when I got home, I initially found it a dupe for Urban Decay’s Last Call. (They’re actually not that similar). So I didn’t use it for a while. However, like all MAC shadows I’ve tried, the quality is great and it’s actually a really lovely shade.

MAC describes this shade as a “pinky-brown plum.” This description isn’t bad. The warmth and sheen in this shadow is more golden than brown, which sounds dirtier than this shade is. Its more burgundy than plum, which brings to mind a cooler, purpler shade. Star Violet is distinctly not purple/plum/brown. I feel comfortable labeling this shade “rose gold.” Without a base, this shadow is a soft, warm rose gold. Over primer, the pinky rosiness is more pronounced, making it look true to pan. (4/5)

This is my own photo.

SV went on opaquely with and without a base, and gave me no application issues, like fallout, patchiness, or creasing. It wore very well, lasting six hours before I had any issues (at that point, I had some sparkle fallout, both when a base was used and without a base). By the 8th hour, there was some minor fading. (4/5)


Star Violet is in the veluxe pearl finish, which promises to be “vibrantly toned, velvety soft, shimmeringly metallic,” and “overlaid with high-shine pearl.” This was an apt description, and the shadow made good on all claims. This definitely has a reflective finish. The powder feels soft and smooth to the touch. There’s a little bit of powder kickup when a brush is used, but this isn’t much and doesn’t translate to powderiness on the lid. The product blends easily without sheering out. (4.5/5)


SV comes in standard MAC packaging–a metal pan in a small, circular black plastic case with a flip-top lid and clear window to see the shade inside. The brand is emblazoned across the clear window and the product name and texture is on the bottom. The packaging feels sturdy but light–nothing luxurious or shatter-proof if you were to accidentally drop it. While the size is small enough to travel with, the pan is large enough to use easily. This packaging is functional (easy to store/travel with/use) but also economical: I like that there’s no unnecessary plastic used, just enough to surround the product. (5/5)

This is my own photo.

MAC shadows are $15 USD each, and contain 0.05 oz of product ($300 per ounce). While the brand is slightly more affordable per ounce than comparatively priced brands, I realize that the cost is still out of a lot of consumers’ price range. As I often state, MAC makes good quality products, so if you love the shade, splurge. (5/5)

Wow Factor:

I was impressed by this shadow’s complexity, it’s deep pinkish base with gold duochrome. It really plays well in the light. It’s excellent quality, pigment rich, soft, applies like a dream and wears great. However, it’s not the most unique shade on the market, didn’t hit the ideal mark with wear time, and had a little bit of fallout. Great, but not perfect. (4/5)


This is a great shadow that I’d recommend. I think Star Violet has versatility: the pinkiness playing up cool, fair skin, and the rich pigment and gold warmth would work well on deeper, warmer complexions. There’s enough product to last awhile, the texture, opacity, wear time, and application are all great. (4.4) B+


MAC is available at department stores, and online at their website.

Useful Information:

-MAC does not test on animals unless “where mandated by law.”
-MAC products are not vegan (and include ingredients like beeswax, carmine, and lanolin).
-MAC is a brand that gives back! Their Back 2 MAC program offers you a free lipstick if you return six empty product containers they can reuse for environmental friendliness. There’s also the MAC AIDS Fund, which donates 100% of the sale price of their Viva Glam products to improve the lives of those struggling with HIV/AIDS worldwide.

-L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Glistening Garnet
 (slightly lighter, less gold reflection, less expensive, closest dupe.)

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Last Call (cooler, pinker, less gold, more expensive.)
Shiro Loose Eyeshadow in Heart Attack (Richer, bluer, cooler, no gold/duochrome, silver/blue glitter, cruelty free, vegan, less expensive. Best used wet. The powder looks like it could be a dupe for Star Violet, but actually isn’t. Don’t be fooled!)

This is my own photo.

What do you think of this shade? My makeup stash is pretty small for a beauty junkie, and I was able to pull out 3-4 dupes. Those with larger collections probably have more. Know a dupe I missed? Love the shade? Hate it? Let me know!

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