Shiro Loose Eyeshadow in Shinigami Review

Image via Shiro Cosmetics

Next up in my ongoing reviews of Shiro’s The Notebook Collection is the “dark royal purple with silver sparkles,” Shinigami. I applied this shadow foiled (wet). This shade looked a bit different depending on whether or not a based was used. It was lighter, a touch more lavender, when used with a primer. It was darker when used over bare lids. The base allowed the silver shimmer to show up much better. When used without a primer, the texture seemed more velvety and less iridescent. Shinigami was a bit drier to apply over bare lids. However, whether or not a primer was used, it still went opaquely and was easy to blend. This didn’t have any of the difficulty with wear or dryness that people often associate with purples. There was some fallout, both with and without a base, but nothing deal-breaking.
In terms of wear, I was happy with this shadow. There was a little bit of glitter migration to the browbone after 3 hours. This wasn’t an unattractive thing though, as the glittery is not at all large or chunky. By 6 hours, this had faded around the edges when a primer was not used. At the end of the day, the shadow was less vibrant than during initial application. The interesting thing is that each way to wear it (primer vs. no primer) kept the shadow’s respect texture (frosty vs. velvet) throughout the day. There was no creasing or additional fallout throughout the day. 
Shiro’s formula of loose shadow is very nice to work with. It’s soft and not too powdery, packs bold pigment with minimal fallout, stays all day and blends well. It never creases, even when used wet over a cream base. Many of these, including Shinigami, are safe for use on the lips as well! They’re all cruelty-free and vegan, using gentle, simple ingredients.
These shadows come with three sizes, a $1 USD sample bag, a mini 1g jar for $3.50, and the full size, 2g jars are $5. I have the mini jars, which are clear, with the shade name and ingredients stamped on the bottom. With this mini size, the packaging is hit or miss. Some of them are simple, easy to pop on and screw down tightly. Others, like my Shinigami, are tougher-with this I have to clamp down the lid a bit hard, and then give it a tight twist. The lid will pop off and make a horrible mess in my stash otherwise. Also, the jars are small. I imagine the size, and the lighter plastic of the container makes these less than ideal to travel with and store (I keep mine in a plastic bag, which is not optimal). You get a good amount of product in each jar though, and for the quality you get, the price cant be beat.
One thing about Shiro, like other indie brands, is that they’re only available online. Now, I prefer to shop online, but many people don’t, and that limited availability could be inconvenient for some. However, if you do go ahead and purchase from them, their service is amazing! Shipping is $2.50 USD, or free for orders over $35. They ship internationally, for a flat rate of $7.50. They also have a permanent deal where you can purchase an entire color collection at once and receive 10% off! I got my package less than 2 weeks after placing my order, so not bad at all. But the quality and care that went into my package was amazing. I received a handwritten note from brand founder Caitlin Johnstone thanking me for my order, along with some free candies and two free sample bags of shadows from their other collections. I was definitely impressed!
Color: 4.5/5

Wear: 4.5/5
Formula: 4/5
Packaging: 3/5
Price: 5/5
Wow Factor: 4/5
Overall: 4.2 (B)
Recommend: I think the quality of this shadow is great, a lot better than what people are used to with purple shadows. It packs pigment, is versatile (you can create different textures depending on your base), lasts all day, and is very affordable.

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