Influenster Frostybox Unboxing


I know this post is hella late, and I’m so sorry! The Frostybox was the first Influenster box I’ve received, and I got a ton of awesome products of various types and brands that I’m so excited to try out (and it was all free! Who can argue with that?) This box was diverse and interesting, so let’s get right into it.


The first thing I noticed in my box was this Ecotools Hair brush. I’ve heard great things about the Ecotools line of makeup brushes, but I didn’t know that they made hair brushes! I love that Ecotools utilizes materials like bamboo to create environmentally friendly, sustainable products. The bristles on this brush are quite fanned out, so I initially thought this was a round brush, but to my relief, it’s a regular brush (I’m afraid I’m not so adept at hairstyling and don’t know the best use for a round brush!) The vents on the tool are designed to dry the hair 20% faster, which is a concept I can get behind! I don’t like to blow dry but hate the feeling of wet hair, so this sounds like a perfect solution. This brush retails for $10.99.


The next thing I noticed was this bottle of Rimmel makeup remover. I haven’t tried many RImmel products, but what I love what I’ve experienced from them so far, so I was very excited by this product. It claims to be gentle, remove all kinds of makeup (even waterproof and long-wearing), and is suitable for use for those with sensitive eyes and contact wearers. I always appreciate gentle products, since my skin is very sensitive. I like that it’s much bigger than my other eye makeup removers, too. This retails for $7.49


Next was McCormick Thyme. I was pleasantly surprised by this spice, since I was expecting this box to be exclusively cosmetic items. I love that they included lifestyle things as well! A good, aromatic spice like thyme is handy in the kitchen since it’s versatile and can be used to add flavor to things from breakfast foods to baked goods. I was particularly happy to gift this to my mother during the holidays (and she was thrilled to receive it!). A bottle of McCormick thyme costs $4.79


The next thing to grab my attention was a bag of Redvines Strawberry Fruit Vines Bites. I was curious about this, since I hadn’t heard of the brand or seen something like it before. I haven’t  tried them yet, but they seem like little licorice candies. I’m always a fan of snack foods in boxes, and everyone likes something sweet! These candies are available in stores for $1.29-$1.79.


Continuing on was Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaf Green Tea. I had never tried tea before, but I’ve heard great things about Celestial Seasonings, and the candy cane flavor was cute for the holidays. I brewed this tea and gave it a chance, and enjoyed it very much! The peppermint taste was quite strong, so I wouldn’t recommend it to people who know for sure they don’t like that flavor. But I enjoyed it, and thought it was a great take on plain green tea. The info card that came with the box didn’t list a sales price for this item.


Moving on to Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in Black. I was excited for this product! As I said, I love Rimmel, and the look of this product is similar to my beloved Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils. I’m going to love trying this out and seeing how well the two compare! This retails for $4.49.


Next is NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum. Some of my first forays into makeup were with NYC (I cringe at the thought of a matching lip gloss and nail polish I picked up in sixth grade). It’s great to see the brand still thriving, and I look forward to trying this product now that I know a bit more of what I’m doing when it comes to cosmetics! I think the color is interesting, and very holiday. This product retails for $1.99.


And finally, the Boots No. 7 Advanced Sachet. This serum is designed to reduce fine lines and make the skin look younger. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m always interested in sampling new skincare (assuming it’ll be gentle to my skin). Anything that promises to be anti-aging is appealing, but often the formulas for these products are too harsh for my extremely sensitive skin, so I’m interested in seeing how this product works for me. A full-sized version of this product is $22.99.

I also received cupons for the Boots serum and Celestial Seasonings teas, which was a nice bonus! I know I’m so behind on posting this box, but I really enjoyed everything I saw in the box. I can’t wait to really give everything a good try. I have  a long backlog of products, but stay tuned for more in-depth reviews of the products mentioned here!

Did you get a Frostybox beauties? How did you like it? Or better yet, tweet me or leave a comment with a link to your own unboxing/first impressions post or Youtube vid!

(*I received this box and all the products included for free for testing purposes.)


FotD:Job Interview Makeup

*Photos coming soon!*

Yesterday, I had a job interview at a majorly cool restaurant in my city. I love the young, cool energy of the place, so I wanted to look fresh and natural. I relied on a lot of my favorite products to help give me a professional look (and most of them are from the drugstore).
While I love makeup, hair is something I’m less apt at. Since I applied for a position in the kitchen, I decided to pull my hair back into a simple, sleek top knot. I’m so nervous and excited for this job, so putting in effort to my appearance gave me an extra boost of confidence and one less thing to worry about during the interview.
What are your favorite safe for work products?

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Model Monday: Coco Rocha

Image via cocorocha.com

Coco Rocha is easily my favorite fashion model. She’s so beautiful, poses like a queen, and can sell any garment or product. But what I also love about Coco is her infectious spirit and hint of rebelliousness–she’s no stranger to a gorgeous purple lip or super winged out eyeliner. 
The Canadian beauty began her career in 2004. Since, she has appeared on the cover of Vogue, as well as five international editions, plus W, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. She’s done ad campaigns for Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Lanvin, Longchamp, and Zac Posen, to name a few. She’s walked the runway for top designers, such as Jean Paul Gautier, Isaac Mizrahi, Zac Posen, Matthew Williamson, Carolina Herrera, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior, Donna Karan, Chanel, and Versace.
She’s also crossed over a bit into TV, appearing on Project Runway modeling a contestant’s design as a challenge winning prize, assisting the models on America’s Next Top Model with a posing challenging, and mentoring a team of aspiring models alongside Naomi Campbell and Karolina Kurkova on season 1 of The Face.
So naturally, someone with that much star power has landed a few beauty campaigns as well! Coco has done beauty modelling for luxury makeup line Yves Saint Laurent as well as budget friendly drugstore brand Rimmel.

Images via mimifroufrou and pier59

Coco has kept her laid back attitude despite massive fame, even doing her own makeup for several red carpet events. Being a model, she’s picked up tons of tricks from pro makeup artists like Pat McGrath and integrates them with her unique aesthetic. And to top it off, she has no problem sporting makeup from the drugstore. So what are some beauty products Coco loves? Here’s a few:

  • Smashbox Eyeshadow in Oyster
  • Maybelline Dream Mousse Foundation
  • L’Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation
  • Maybelline Great Lash Curved Brush Washable Mascara
  • MAC Technakohl Eyeliner
  • Lancome Effacil Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
  • Lubriderm Daily Moisture Moisturizing Lotion
  • Dove White Beauty Bar Soap
You can score Smashbox, MAC, and Lancome from any department store, and every local drugstore can satisfy your Maybelline, L’Oreal, Lubriderm, and Dove needs.
Sadly, I couldn’t find out the exact brand or shade of fabulous purple lipstick Coco loves to sport. But if you want a similar look, MAC Heroine, or limited edition Lavender Whip should get the job done. For a cheaper option, many have raved about Cover Girl Divine.

What do you think of Coco’s fierce makeup looks? And is there another model you think I should cover next Monday? Let me know!

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Rimmel London Glam’Eyes Quad Eyeshadow in Afternoon Tea Review + Swatches

Image via Kmart

Anyone who knows me knows I love my bright colors. I’d much rather experiment with my look than play it safe. Which is why I was so surprised I fell in love with this Rimmel shadow quad in Afternoon Tea, a set of four, wearable, daytime colors.

On the back of the package, Rimmel assigned each shade a number. 1 is the left shade, a cool, semi-sheer champagne with a satin finish. This one is the most “shimmery”, but it’s not a true shimmer finish. This looked very natural on the lid, almost like my real skin but without the veins and redness peeking through. 2 is the right-hand shade, a warm, chocolate brown with a satin finish. This was one of the more pigmented shades in the quad. 3 is the bottom shade, and probably my favorite. It’s a matte camel brown that goes on very light. It’s not sheer or patchy, it’s just not as intense as it looks. It makes for the perfect natural brow highlight–it adds so much lift and polish to the eyes. The last shade, 4, the top shade, is a cool matte dark brown that was also quite pigmented. So not the most unique shades, but reliable go-tos. (4/5)


All four shades wore well. After 7 hours (with primer), shades 2 and 4 looked a bit faded. Without primer, all four shades looked faded at this point, with the 2nd shade showing signs of wearing off as early as 2 hours. (4/5)


I thought all four shades were good quality for drugstore. None were too dry and none had fallout. The 2nd shade had some powder kickup in the pan, but it wasn’t powdery on the lid. However, the 2nd shade in particular blended like a dream (none were hard to blend, though). The 4th shade was quite pigmented, so it’s better to use a bit of a lighter hand, but I’ll always take more pigment than less any day! (4.5/5)


The shades come in triangular pans in a black plastic compact that includes a sponge tipped applicator. The packaging is average, doesn’t feel too cheap but is nothing luxurious. It feels durable enough to not crack during travel and isn’t too large that it becomes cumbersome to store. My only gripe is that the pans are a bit small; an average-sized brush easily takes up the whole pan, so you have to rub a bit awkwardly to get the shadow on there. (4/5)


I got mine at Ulta for $5.99 USD. The quad contains 0.15 oz of shadow. An average single shadow is  0.05 oz of product, so you’re getting a bit less (less than 0.04 oz) in each pan. However, you’re paying about $1.50 for each shade, and these are quality, go-to shadows that we tend to get a lot of use out of. I definitely think the price is a bargain, even despite the slightly lesser product weight. (You’re getting less but paying less, so it cancels out). (5/5)

Wow Factor:

As I’ve mentioned, I love my bright colors, but I was stunned by how much I loved this quad. The effortlessness is there, which is what makes it such an easy go-to. Shade 1 looks so natural on my skin, shade 3 is such a perfect highlight, and I imagine it’ll work great for those who like to use a shade like this to help blend two other colors as well. Shades 2 and 4 are on the more pigmented side, and have different undertones and depth, so it doesn’t feel like two boring, basic browns. Sure it’s dupeable, but I do agree everyone needs a good daytime palette on-hand, and I think I’ve found mine. (4/5)

Useful Information:

-Rimmel and it’s parent company do not test on animals, except where mandated by law.
-Rimmel products are available at drugstores and Ulta.


I adore this quad and think it’s great and useful. Darker skin tones may find it a bit too light, so I don’t think it’s universal. But if you think the shades work for you, I recommend trying it. They’re affordable, easy to find, good quality, wear well, and have you covered for most settings (the look they suggest on the back of the palette is great for daytime-school or work-but a little extra of the brown shades and you’ve got yourself a nighttime eye). But the pans are small, there’s a little less product than normal, and it didn’t quite make it all the way with wear or uniqueness. 4.2 (B)

Sorry for the low quality!

This is my own photo.

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February 2014 Favorites

February, for me, was a continuation of love for some products I picked up over the holidays. I’ve given them enough time to test (clearly!) and can safely say I’ve fallen in love with them. These babies have gotten me through the month pretty consistently.

1) Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool.

Image via Drugstore

I’ve tried one of these before, but Too Cool has become my favorite. I’ve been relying on this baby for the past few months as my shadow primer (I’ve even been preferring it to my UDPP). It’s a sheer, frosty white. The staying power on this formula can’t be beat, and my shadows have never creased with this underneath. Too Cool is sheer enough to be used as a cheek highlighter, too! I love me a multipurpose product.
2) Rimmel Glam’Eyes Eyeshadow Quad in Afternoon Tea.
Image via Drugstore

Typically, you couldn’t tear me away from my bold colors when it comes to shadows. But I stocked up on this affordable neutral quad, and oh my goodness has it come in handy! I’ve been wearing this quad to my monthly dinners with my boyfriend’s parents, and it always looks perfect for the daytime, no matter where we go. The bottom, matte flesh tone surprised me the most. I didn’t expect it to be such a great highlight! I thought it would look too dark against my fair skin, but it doesn’t. Instead, it blends right in and looks invisible in the best way possible. It enhances my eyes and brows without looking like there’s anything there.
3) Maybelline Volum’Express The Falsies Mascara.
Image via Allure

While I initially didn’t love this compared to Colossal, the Falsies has come to impress me. And as I praised it for in my review, it’s this formula’s penchant for separation that really won me over. While it’s not the most amazing in lengthening or volumizing, it’s the false-lash shape this mascara creates that really makes it unlike any other (and why I’ve been reaching for it so much).
4) NYX Round Case Lipstick in Narcissus.
Image via Ulta

I love, love, love pink lipstick (want proof?). So naturally, I couldn’t resist picking up the bright, warm pink Narcissus when trying NYX’s lipstick formula for the first time (because even if the formula was a miss, I knew I’d love the shade). What I like about this hue in particular is that it’s a bit more yellow-toned, but just as bright, as the other pinks I love. And fortunately, the formula didn’t disappoint, so I can see myself rocking this shade all through spring right into summer.
What were your favorite beauty products last month?

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A Beginner’s Guide to Lip Products.

I absolutely love lip products. This sounds like a simple sentiment, but before I was a makeup junkie (those dark, old days from long ago), I always was more visually attracted to eye makeup. Fierce shadow/liner/lashes combinations are still to die for, but bright, bold lips have earned an equally special place in my heart. (Well, some more than others.) In this Beginner’s Guide, I’m going to introduce the different cosmetic items intended for the lips, and make a few recommendations.

On a spectrum from most to least basic, there is:

1) Lip Balm: Even the women with the most simple, basic makeup routines tend to reach for lip balm. In fact, I’d say women who otherwise forgo makeup completely probably use balm regularly. Many balms are made with beeswax. The wax is designed to provide a barrier over the lips, sealing in moisture and preventing outside irritants, such as wind or cold temperature, from drying out the lips even further. A common misconception is that balm actually restores moisture to the mouth. This is not true; Balm simply prevents further dehydration of the lips. This explains the need for continuous reapplication in the case of severely dry lips. Over the years, balms have developed to include sunscreen benefits, as well as tints, flavors, and much cuter packaging.

Chapstick was the first to market lip balm in the 1880s and remains popular today. Burt’s Bees and Carmex are also classic balm brands. Lip Smackers are filled with deliciously-scented and wondefully flavored childhood nostaliga. In recent years, EOS’ spherical balms and Maybelline’s Baby Lips have become very popular. I highly recommend the latter, despite it’s higher-than-average price. The packaging is adorable, and there is a generous amount of product included. Baby :Lips smell great, and feel very emollient on the mouth.

Image via Beautylish

2) Lip Gloss: Gloss is another product that most of us are familiar with, often beginning our makeup-loving careers with some (in hindsight) pretty horrible frosty/glittery ones in our early teens. Gloss is designed, as the name implies, to add a glossy sheen to the mouth. Various finishes have developed over time, including the aforementioned glittery and frosty looks. But there are simpler textures; often times, gloss just adds various degrees of shiny pigment. The most basic lip glosses are clear. They can range from this to completely opaque, some include shimmer, others do not. They’re a versatile product suiting a variety of needs. That, plus the toned-down look of a gloss (compared to more pigment-rich lipstick) tends to make them popular with teenagers attending school. Lip gloss can be packaged in hard plastic tubes with screw-on caps that reveal (often doe-foot applicator) wands, or softer, squeeze-tube products that are designed to be applied directly on the mouth. Using a lip brush is also an option when it comes to applying this type of product.  Gloss ranges in texture, from tackier (think MAC) to milkier (think NARS).
MAC Tinted Lipglass, NARS lip gloss, Lancome Juicy Tubes, and OCC Lip Tars are established, popular picks when it comes to this type of product. However, there are some great drugstore lip glosses. Maybelline Color Sensational and Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses are both affordable, easily-accessible, and great quality.
Image via Beautylish

3) Lip Stain: Stains are long-wearing products that leave a subtler color than lipstick (but stronger, and matter, than gloss). These tend to come in pencil forms and can be “drawn” onto the lips. However, alternative formulas, such as liquid stains, also exist. These can sometimes fly under a beauty junkie’s radar, as they seem less popular and have an unfortunate reputation for being drying. The length of wear, without sacrificing color, makes this type of product great for busier, or less “fussy” women, who don’t have time or the desire to reapply their makeup throughout the day. Stains are also great for dinner dates, since they’re more transfer-proof and won’t dissolve throughout the meal or kiss off. While stains do have a softer finish than lipstick, they’re not all matte; some stains retain a nice, subtle sheen. 
Tarte Lipsurgence is a popular high-end stain. Benefit Benetint, which comes in a nail polish-like screw-top container with a brush applicator, is also well-known and often used. Recently, Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain was released in drugstores and is doing quite well. Unfortunately, I have zero experience with stains, and can’t make a personal recommendation.
Image via Beautylish

4) Lip Liner: Lip liner, unfortunately, always seemed like a product for old people to me. As my cosmetic knowledge grew, I realized that this helpful tool was useful to others, not just grandmas going to bingo. Liner, often wax-based, is designed to provide a base for lipstick/gloss. This base keeps the overlaying product from unflattering bleeding and feathering, giving lip color a precise shape. Also, when used to fill in the entire mouth (as opposed to outlining the lip shape), liner provides a long-wearing hint of color that can outlast lipstick or gloss, reducing the need to reapply as the top layer of color fades (since the matching liner underneath will remain). Liners come in a variety of hues, designed to match popular lipstick shades (think pink, red, and nude color families). However, there are also clear lip liners, which act as sheer primers for the lips, while retaining the anti-bleeding benefits. 
MAC pencils are quite popular, and Too Faced Perfect Lips are highly rated online as well. On the more affordable end, Rimmel 1000 Kisses Stay On Lip Liner has left a positive impression on me. Unfortunately, I also have no experience with liner this far. 😦
Image via Beautylish

5) Lipstick: Probably the most well-known and iconic of lip products, lipsticks are my absolute favorite thing to wear on the mouth. I love the color range of lipsticks (I’m a total sucker for pinks!), as well as the pigment and sheen variation of different brands. It’s the versatility of this product that makes it such a staple and well-loved item for many women. Sheerer nude shades are very professional-looking, reds are classic and bold, pinks are playful and feminine, etc. Bolder colors, such as purple (in all it’s varieties-plum, lilac, violet) and browns have been having their time in the sun lately as well. There is a finish for every woman’s needs as well. Matte (no shimmer/glitter/sheen, just pure, bold color) are strong, fun, and many women say, empowering (but this long-wearing formula can, unfortunately, be drying). Frost finishes are metallic, bold and modern. Glaze-like lipsticks have a glossy sheen, but compromise pigment (these tend to be sheer, varying from gloss mostly in texture). Cream lipsticks are the standard, providing solid pigment with a subtle shine, applying smoothly to the lips. Your troubles with a lipstick can depend on the brand and formula. Some lesser quality lippies can settle into lip lines, bunch up on themselves, bleed/feather, transfer, be too sheer (or too pigmented), or dry out the lips over time, making them appear cracked and flaky. While most come in twist-up tubes, liquid lipsticks and lipstick pencils exist as well.
MAC, every beauty junkie’s gateway drug, makes wonderful lipsticks in a large variety of shades and formulas. However, lippies are one item that drugstore brands have been knocking out of the park lately. Cover Girl Lip Perfection, Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter, Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color, and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick are all great, affordable, and accessible. 
Image via Beautylish

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Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Rose Blush Review

Image via Beautylish

I was so excited to pick up one of Rimmel’s Moisture Renew Lipsticks, because the cute purple packaging was too adorable to pass up! I caved eventually and grabbed Rose Blush. First, the color is NOT anywhere near as pink as it seems in the photo above. The name of the product is actually a very accurate description: it’s a dark, rosy pink. If there was ever a “my-lips-but-better” shade, this is it. The color is very natural and wearable, while adding a professional amount of polish to one’s look. 
This lipstick felt amazing to apply. It was creamy and smooth, with a weightless feel. It felt like I barely had any product on, it was so comfortable to wear. And slicking it on felt refreshing to my lips, like coating them with water (obviously, the product feels very thin on the mouth). I had no problems with getting this to show up opaquely (it went on that way with one swipe). I also had no issues with unflattering bunching or settling into lip lines. 
The wear was a little less thrilling to experience. I’m very disappointed to reveal that this was completely gone from my lips by three hours of wear, which is very poor for a lipstick. However, it does retain it’s initial creaminess for the first hour (there was some cup transfer). Unfortunately, there was also some fading after an hour, with my natural lip color beginning to peek through. The color looked pinker, less dark, at this time. After 2 hours, this dried down to a rosy blush colored stain. It had faded away to my natural lip color by the 3-hour mark.
While this is touted as being moisturizing, I unfortunately found this to be ever so slightly drying once the product was gone from my lips. However it was very comfortable to wear. I had no feelings of dryness on the mouth until after the product had worn off. 
As I’ve stated, I find the purple, shiny, square-ish packaging quite cute. However, the highly reflective sheen may strike some as garish. There is a crown shape on top of the cap. Also, these are quite angular, with a little more plastic than necessary used, so that may cause issues if you’re lipsticks are stored tightly together. Also, the plastic feels very cheap and light in one’s hand, and feels shaky if you were to rattle it, as if the inner tube is clanking against the plastic container. This is a drawback, as I fear this will crack easily if one were to accidentally drop it, or otherwise suffer damage during, say, a travelling situation. This had no taste but a slightly fruity scent that lingered for the first 15 minutes of wear. The smell was not unpleasant, but if you’re sensitive to fragrance, you may want to pass. These are easy to find and retail for about $7 USD.
Color: 5/5
Wear: 2/5
Formula: 4/5
Packaging: 2/5
Price: 3/5
Wow Factor: 3/5
Overall: 3.2 (C-)
Recommend: Yes, if you don’t mind frequent reapplication.
This product was purchased by PV.
Rimmel products are available at drugstores, mass retailers, and specialty shops like Ulta.

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