Make Up For Ever HD Micro Finishing Powder Review + Photos


Effectiveness: I had heard many great things about the MUFE HD Finishing Powder, but I admit, I wasn’t sure about it. It’s a white powder (100% pure silica) that goes on transparent. I was doubtful that one simple ingredient could achieve so much hype. However, this powder leaves a smooth finish that’s not cakey; it makes the skin look poreless. In HD photos, as well as the naked eye, the skin looks absolutely perfect. (Although, my skin is generally normal, so I couldn’t effectively test for a reduction of shine). (5/5)

Wear: The smooth finish and poreless look lasted a full 8 hours. (5/5)

Formula: The powder is very finely milled and becomes invisible on the skin (and in pictures), making it work on all skin tones. If you touch your face with this on, you can tell there’s a smooth powder finish, but not in a way that feels “powdery.” It feels like perfected skin. (5/5)

Packaging: I have a 0.0035 oz sample size (came in the Sephora Favorites Glitz & Glam bag). Mine comes with a sifter over the powder, which I’m not sure is included in the sizes available for purchase (I assume it is). Otherwise, the packaging is the same: Clear plastic jar with a black, screw-on lid. The lid screws on well, you never have to worry about the product spilling out. The only thing I dislike about the sample size packaging is that the small cap makes it hard to fit a fluffy powder brush to get the product on the brush (retail sizes shouldn’t have this problem, though, which is why I’m not taking off a point). (5/5)


Price: Sephora sells two sizes of Finishing Powder, a 0.14 oz mini for $19 USD, and a full, 0.3 oz jar for $34 USD. Thats $135.70 per ounce for the mini, and $113.33 per ounce for the full size. This makes the full size the most cost-effective in the long-run (and I see this being the kind of powder people would want to use every day, and a little goes a long way).I think the turnout is worth the price. people who are on HD film/photo a lot (like beauty Youtubers) would benefit from everyday use of the full size, and those who want something special for a nice occasion can snap up the smaller jar for less than a $20. (5/5)

Wow Factor: I was doubtful at first if pure silica was really worth all the fuss. But the effect this gives is subtle yet noticeable. I love the smooth, poreless texture it gives the skin, and a little goes a long way. I can see this working on all skin tones and lasting a while. However, I don’t think those who are on film/take photos a lot will need it (its not a touch up powder, or one designed for coverage. Too much can make you look ghostly). (4/5)

Overall: It’s a great powder, but it’s also niche. For the average consumer, it’s not a must-have, or even necessary. But for the beauty fanatic (or blogger, or Youtuber), it creates an amazing finish. I don’t think the average woman applying makeup would particularly notice a difference in her skin and wouldn’t get the fuss (or the price). If you’re in front of a camera a lot, I highly recommend it. If you just want something for coverage/to keep your makeup in place/oil down, etc, there are many effective, less expensive alternatives. (4.8) A


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Useful Information:
-This product was purchased by me.
-This product contains no animal products, however, the Make Up For Ever brand is not cruelty free/vegan and still tests on animals.