Lancome Artliner in Noir Review + Swatches


Lancome promises that Artliner delivers “rich, deep, luminous color pigments (that) offer the most intense color,” which is true. The liquid eyeliner goes on as a shiny, opaque black. One of the first things I noticed and loved about Artliner was how pigmented it was. (5/5)

The wear was impeccable. It lasted a full 8 hours without any flaking or smudging. It looked perfect. (5/5)

The formula of this eyeliner is nice, very smooth and easy to apply. It gave me absolutely no issues. It also isn’t runny at all: once it’s on, it’ll stay in place as you need it to. (5/5)

The Artliner is packaging is nice, the kind of quality one expects from a high-end brand like Lancome. The packaging is plastic that feels sturdy. The cap clicks into place, which is a nice touch, since no one likes dried out liquid liner. It’s nice to have that extra security too, since it ensures that cap will stay in place during travel. The packaging is slim enough to store easily as well. (5/5) 


A full-size Artliner will set you back $30.50. This is undeniably steep, but it’s also comparatively priced to equally high-end luxury brands, such as Marc Jacobs, Dior, and Givenchy. Also, a large part of this category’s score is quality. Artliner is a fabulous product that’s easy to use, mega dark, and lasts forever. Liquid liner enthusiasts will love it, and it has a tip that will work well for beginners. Across the board, I believe it’s a worthwhile investment. (5/5)

Wow Factor:
Artliner hit a lot of marks for me. It’s greatly pigmented, long lasting, and easy to use with effortless luxury packaging. It’s not the most unique product, but it’s a classic done perfectly, so Artliner really can’t go wrong. (4.5/5)

Artliner is a fantastic liquid liner that works well for everyone on the liquid-liner-capability spectrum. It’s tip is thin and precise enough for both beginners who want to get close to the lashline, and more advanced users who want to get creative. It’s dark, dries down quickly, and lasts forever. Apart from the steep price tag, there isn’t much not to love. (4.9) A+


Would I Repurchase?

-Neiman Marcus
-Saks Fifth Avenue
-Bergdorf Goodman

Useful Information:
-This product was purchased by me.
-Artliner comes in 2 shades, Noir (black) and Brown.


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