Shiro Loose Eyeshadow in Second Kira Review

Image via Shiro Cosmetics

Continuing on with my review of The Notebook Collection by Shiro is the beautiful “charcoal with bright golden sparkles,” Second Kira. It’s a dark, cool grey with a greenish tinge and highly reflective gold sparkles. Without primer, it’s a bit more soft (although by no means sheer-it’s perfectly opaque)-a bit more daytime. Over primer, it looks sootier, and with the glitter, it would look great as a part of a glam smoky eye. 
As always, I foil these loose shadows. Both with and without primer, Second Kira goes on opaque, and blends like a dream. I did have some fallout, less with primer. The glitter is more reflective when used with a base, as it sticks to the eye better. 
After 6 hours, it looked a bit faded around the edges when a primer was not used. Otherwise, the shadow still looked amazing after a full 8 hours of wear. With primer, it was still sooty and glittery. In both instances (with and without a base), there was no extra fallout, and no fading or creasing. 
Shiro is an indie brand, so a little bit of leeway is expected with their packaging. The “medium” sized jars I purchased are small, circular, and clear, with a sifter included, and the color name and ingredients list stamped on the bottom. These can be tricky to store because if they get tumbled around (say, in a drawer), the product will sift out (no big deal if the lid is tight, but it can get the lid messy). Unfortunately, the lids on these shadows is weird-they need to be pressed firmly onto the shadow, and then screwed down, or else the lid can not close evenly (and can fall off).
But each shade comes in three sizes, $1 USD sample baggies, $3.50 USD “medium” 1g jars, and full size, $5 USD 2g jars. Since these shadows are made with pure ingredients, are cruelty free and vegan, handmade, long-wearing, and creaseless, I have to say the quality can’t be beat for the price. The only disadvantage is that these are only available online, via the brand’s website. However, shipping is quick (less than two weeks) and customer service is astoundingly great. Also, many of the collection’s shadows (including Second Kira) are also safe for use on the mouth. It’s also worth mentioning that the brand has a permanent 10% discount if you purchase this whole collection at once, no matter what size you’re buying (and the discount applies to many of the brand’s other collections as well!).
Color: 4.5/5

Wear: 5/5
Formula: 4.75/5
Packaging: 3/5
Price: 5/5
Wow Factor: 4/5
Overall: 4.4 (B+)
Recommend: Absolutely! Second Kira may have been the darkhorse of this collection. You may not expect much based off how it looks on the site or in the jar, but once it’s on, the base color and glitter is really distinct and very beautiful. It’s great quality, affordable, and something I couldn’t dupe. The shady packaging is the only thing bringing this score down.

Shiro products are available for purchase at

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