Shiro Loose Eyeshadow in More Sugar Review

Image via Shiro Cosmetics

Continuing on with Shiro’s The Notebook Collection, the next shade I have up for review is More Sugar. The brand describes it as “creamy shimmer in a rich coffee base.” Sadly, this description is way off. There’s nothing creamy or coffee about this shade. It goes on the lid (foiled) as a shimmery steely, stormcloud grey. It looks more steely over bare lids, and more stormcloud over primer (I used Urban Decay Primer Potion). 
Shiro Heaven Nor Hell is frostier, and bluer. Side by side, More Sugar looks like a neutral grey purple, as well as more shimery and softer than Heaven Nor Hell. Yet on the lid, they’re not remarkably, exceptionally different. Heaven Nor Hell looks bluish on the lid, but More Sugar just looks grey with a very, very slight purple tinge. Both shadows are great, but they’re similar enough to where I’d say you don’t need both. 
 As I’ve mentioned before, I always foil my loose shadows. With More Sugar, the pigment was rich and opaque in one go. It was easy to apply, showed up great, and gave me no application issues: no fallout, no difficulty blending, etc. After eight hours, I was impressed with this shade. Without primer, this wore nonstop looking metallic, and with a base underneath, it went the whole eight hours with that great, velvety texture it took on. Either way, it didn’t budge, fallout, crease, fade, nothing. It wore perfectly. 
Since Shiro is an indie brand, there can be some discrepancies with the packaging. I purchased this collection in the “medium”, 1g size. The shadows come in small, circular clear plastic containers. There is an ingredients list and shade name on a sticker stamped on the bottom of each jar. Also, each container comes with a sifter, but I noticed the sifters can be finicky. Some are easy to pop off, others absolutely refuse to budge. Some sift the perfect amount easily, some sift too much, some don’t sift enough, etc. Also, these are a bit of a pain to store, because they’re so small. These need to be set flat, so maybe dedicate a sizeable amount of drawer space to keeping these tidy. Otherwise, if you try to toss ’em in with your other products, they could tumble around and those damn sifters can let out too much product (disclaimer, the lids are super-tight, so you generally don’t have to fear them spilling. But when you open the jar up to use it, you may find a ton of product already sitting on top of the sifter waiting to be used. Because of this, and depending on how you apply it, the lids of these can get quite dirty). However, the lids don’t screw on the way, say, a water bottle cap does. You don’t just start at the top and screw all the way down. With Shiro, you have to sort of clamp the lid halfway down, then screw it the rest of the way down. Doing it the “wrong” way could make them seal unevenly (one of my jars screwed shut this way actually had the lid pop off, and my favorite shade got all over! Learn from my mistake!)
The price of these shadows can’t be beat, especially given the great quality. You can purchase sample baggies for $1 USD each, the “medium” 1g jars for $3.50 USD each, or the full size (2g) for $5 USD each. Like most of the shades in this collection, More Sugar is safe for use on the lips. All of the shadows are hand-made, cruelty-free, and vegan. But because Shiro is an indie brand, the tradeoff is that these have limited availability-Shiro is only available online on their site. However, shipping is inexpensive and quick (I got my order in the mailbox within 2 weeks of placing it), and the customer service is amazing-Shiro founder Caitlin Johnstone sent me 2 free sample baggies, some candy, and a handwritten note with my purchase-a Shiro order is bound to make you smile! Also, I purchased the entire Notebook collection at once, which gave me a 10% discount. This discount is permanent, and available for nearly all the different collections the brand has. 
Color: 3.5/5

Wear: 5/5
Formula: 5/5
Packaging: 3/5
Price: 5/5
Wow Factor: 3.5/5
Overall: 4.2 (B)
Recommend: More Sugar is a pretty, versatile shade. The neutral undertone makes it workable on warmer skin, and the texture changes based on whether or not a base is used. But since most beauty junkies use a base, I don’t think the velvety texture yet common, more dupable color it becomes is really worth it. Also, it’s comparable to Heaven Nor Hell, and if someone could only purchase one of the two, I wouldn’t recommend this one.

Shiro products are available online at

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